·         Poverty Reduction

·         Capacity Building

·         Gender equality and leadership

·         Disability rights( we have blind widows )

·         hygiene and sanitation

·         Community Development???

·         HIV/AIDS & Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

1)                            Outreach


         Counselling and care activities for widows and their children on a one on one basis and also in groups.  Counselling is done by mobile teams and targets mostly rural unemployed   widows and their children, women living with HIV/AIDS, AIDS orphans and the community as a whole.  Bereavement counselling will also be carried out. The purpose of this is to help the widows and their children understand the mourning process, cope more effectively with and recover from the loss of their loved ones. This aspect of bereavement is completely absent in our culture.


Counselling and care activities for widows and youths on a one on one basis and also in groups.  Counselling is done by mobile teams and targets mostly rural widows and their families and, unemployed youths, people living with HIV/AIDS and the community as a whole.

         Creating sensitization avenues for widows & youths:

 Community/Resource Mobilization to enable widows and school drop outs who are sexually active receive appropriate information on family planning, HIV/AIDS and opportunistic diseases, property rights, reproductive rights, book keeping, gender issues, hygiene sanitation and body care.


2)                            Educational Programmes


a)     Vocational Training:

Green planet provides vocational and professional training on (fashion and design) tailoring, computer skills, farming, poultry, piggery, small-scale businesses, teacher training programs , nursing programs etc, to the beneficiaries of the rural areas of Mamfe and sounding villages. Currently, it has an enrolment of 200 widows from 10 different villages and 104 youths. The  mission of this Association  is to  empower the beneficiaries  through  entrepreneurship,  education and skills acquisition, health issues  and  to strongly  promote the  notion  of  Training in Production  or  Production  in  Training.


3                    a)  Community Based Primary Healthcare

   Through its community Health care volunteers (Doctors, Nurses and widows mostly), Green planet carries out sensitization, preventive and curative healthcare visits to rural areas.  This includes regular home visits, treating simple illnesses, construction of   pit latrines in villages, encouraging attendance to clinics by pregnant women, making referrals to hospitals, distribution of vital vitamins, educating the elderly about menopause and distribution of one a day vitamins for the menopausal widows, family planning and Health Education.


  b) HIV/AIDS Education and Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

 Under this, Green Planet carries out sensitization campaigns and equally promotes and encourages voluntary counselling and testing of the beneficiaries and the various community members.  Home visits are organized to Home based AIDS patients, orphans and vulnerable children in rural areas. Since HIV/AIDS is highly linked to poverty, tackling HIV/AIDS without poverty has been a major handicap in the HIV/AIDS project.  It is against this background that green planet decided to initiate a Livelihood Programme within the HIV/AIDS project. Under this a demonstration farm, poultry and a piggery will be set up to impart the beneficiaries with modern agricultural techniques. Green planet will be technically assisted in this project by experts from the Ministry of Agriculture and livestock and, national Volunteers. More of such farms will be setup in villages if opportuned to have more funding.



5 – Training

         Training is one of Green Planet’s key strategies and is also at the heart of most interventions.  Green Planet organizes and runs regular training sessions on issues that affect the beneficiaries.  Training turns around issues such as responsible agriculture technics to curb climate change effects, business, health, teacher training programmes, fashion and design, auto mechanic, hairdressing, computer literacy economic (book keeping) etc.


 6-Community Sports for Development Project:


    Under  this project, green Planet will  use  the  power  of  football  to  mobilize   widow’s children  and  school dropouts to  channel  their  energy  toward  productive  initiatives. The  activities  of  this  project  include  inter  village  football  competitions, clean  up campaigns  in  villages  by  young  people, cooperative  farming, thematic  discussions  and   tree  planting.


7-School   on Wheels Project:


The school on wheels project is an innovation of GREEN PLANET ASSOCIATION, as an attempt to take elementary education to out of school children or those who are somewhat backward in class, who live in the rural areas or villages of Manyu Division of the South West region of   Cameroon. It will also cater for remedial   reading   program in order to enable school   going rural   children start, stay in and complete school.   It will also help them improve on their academic performance, keep up with their grades and boost their self-esteem.

  The  purpose   of  the  School   on   Wheels  is  the  enhancement   of   educational   opportunities  for  rural  based   children .The   goal  is  to  close  the  gaps  in  the  education   of  these   children  and  provide  them  with   the  highest  education   possible.

The activities include:

-One-on-one tutoring

-Backpacks and   School   supplies

-Assistance in entering   school

-Remedial Reading

-Parent guidance in educational matters for their children’s success.

-Nutrition issues